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Thank you for your interest in the Des Moines Menace Academy.  
The Menace Academy, a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, focuses on boys and girls players, ages 7-19,
who are committed and dedicated to a higher level of play at the youth levels.
1. We are established.

Launched under the Menace brand and organization in 2002, the Academy has roots from the Iowa United soccer program,

one of the first select soccer clubs founded in the Des Moines area.

2. We are committed to player development.

Youth players will be exposed to the very best coaching and training on a consistent basis as they grow and mature through the Academy.

The overall goal of the Menace Academy is to develop players for college soccer and the Menace First Team.


3. We are diverse.

Our program is open to all qualified players, including those with financial difficulties, living geographically outside the Des Moines metro and those from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Coaches work on an individual basis with each family living outside the Des Moines metro on a schedule that is feasible for all involved.  We don't want distance to keep any player from participating in a higher level of soccer.

We embrace the global aspect of soccer and welcome players from any cultural background into our program.


4. We take pride in providing professional coaching. 

Led by Director of Coaching Tomas Boltnar, Academy coaches are selected based on their experience and their passion to develop players the Menace way, on and off of the field.


5. We provide over $20,000 in scholarships every year.

 Through the Menace Soccer Foundation, we are able to offer financial aid programs and support players financially when and where we can to defray costs.

We will never turn anyone away because of an inability to pay the full registration fees.


6. We hold players, parents, coaches, and staff to a high set of standards and personal core values.

PASSION.  We love to play soccer and it shows.
INTEGRITY.  We do the right thing, even when it is difficult.
TEAMWORK.  We believe greatness is achieved through unity.
CARING.  We have genuine compassion for our teammates, opponents, coaches, families and our entire community.
EXCELLENCE.  We perform to the best of our abilities at all times.


7. We are Des Moines.

As part of the Menace organization, players have the opportunity to be involved in a community setting where they are part of our Menace family.

Academy players will be able to interact with Menace First Team players and will have various opportunities to give back to our communities. 


8. We are a professionally run soccer club.

With a staff of five full-time employees in the front office, we are able to provide top-notch customer service to ensure that your questions and concerns are always met.


9. We have ambition.

 We are constantly striving to provide the highest quality of select soccer in the region. We do this by challenging our teams at high level tournaments, league play,

and organizing friendlies with other top level programs in Nebraska, Minnesota, Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois.


 10. We have a proven track record.

Menace First Team alumni playing professionally.

Menace Academy class of 2017 playing collegiately.

Menace Academy class of 2016 playing collegiately.